Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved. Pets as part of our families, are not spared the negative effects of divorce. Pets are often times caught up in the fighting between spouses. The well-being of your pets should be taken into consideration during a divorce. Divorcing spouses should seek to lessen the impact of divorce on pets.

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Impact of Divorce on Pets

As with humans, pets can experience stress and anxiety during a divorce. It is not unusual for pets to become depressed or to act differently than they normally do, such as change eating habits or sleeping pattern, or even begin to act destructively. Given this, it is important to pay close attention to your pet if you are going through a divorce. Any unusual behaviors should be addressed promptly.

Safety Consideration for Pets during a Divorce

In some cases, pets may be in danger during a divorce. Accordingly, pets may need to be removed from the home for their safety if there is a history of domestic violence or abuse. Pets can be removed temporarily while the divorce is pending. Additionally, an altogether new home may be needed as a final solution.

Custody arrangements and financial responsibility

In Florida, pets are considered property. Given this, pets can be awarded to one spouse or the other at the conclusion of a divorce proceeding. However, while pets are often considered property in divorce proceedings, they are living beings with emotions and needs. As such, when possible, parties should agree on custody arrangements. Pet custody could take varying forms. For example, parties can agree to share custody, or, they can agree that one person will keep the pet and the other will receive visitation rights. Furthermore, it is also important to consider who will take financial responsibility for the pet. Pet expenses to consider include food, veterinary visits, grooming, etc.

Additional impact of divorce on pets to consider

Given the impact of divorce on pets, it is important to plan for the future of your pet after the divorce. This may include updating your pet’s microchip information, creating a new care plan, or finding a new home for the pet if necessary.

In conclusion, pets like humans, often times are affected by divorces. A pet’s well being should be given importance, and plans and provisions for custody and care should be made, and if possible, agreed to.

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