Child Custody

Florida law no longer recognizes the term custody of a child. Instead, the law requires a Parenting Plan which governs the relationship between the child and parent and includes a time-sharing schedule which specifies the times the minor child will spend with each parent.

The Parenting Plan will describe how the parents will be responsible for the daily tasks associated with the upbringing of the child and will designate the parent who will be responsible for health care, school related matters and other activities regarding the child.

  • There is a preference in the law for Shared Parental Responsibility.

Shared parental responsibility is where both parents retain all rights and responsibility for their child and confer with each other to jointly make major decisions affecting his or her welfare.

The court will order shared parental responsibility unless it finds that this is detrimental to the child. The court may consider the express desire of the parents and can grant one parent ultimate responsibility over specific aspects of the child welfare. The best interest of the child is paramount to all other considerations.

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