Parties to a divorce often experience a wide range of emotions. Whether it is anger, sadness, confusion, or even satisfaction, divorces have many effects on people. While the court will allow people to obtain what is lawfully theirs, some take matters into their own hands in order to obtain their own personal justice. Such actions, however, can lead to negative consequences both in and out of court. Below is a short list of four things not to do in a divorce.

Destroy or Devalue Marital Property

While getting even with a party for past wrongs might feel cathartic for some people, it is rarely, if ever, a wise move. This is especially true if getting even involves the destruction of property. Under the principle of equitable distribution, which is laid out in Florida Statute 61.075, the court would be well within its power to accredit the loss to the responsible party. As a result, a party that destroys or devalues marital property would obtain less than they would have had they not destroyed the property.

Cut off Communication

It is understandable that there might be hard feelings between the parties to a divorce. Furthermore there are times when ceasing communication and contact is necessary for safety reasons.  Barring security and safety reasons, cutting off communication with your spouse simply for spite, is often not the right approach. Refusing to contact your spouse can have multiple negative effects on your case. Not only will your attorney need to become more involved in simple matters, which could raise the cost of your divorce, but the lack of contact could negatively impact any children of the marriage.

Build up Attorney’s Fees

A divorce can be a lengthy process, and attorney’s fees can build up quickly. While you don’t want to take the first offer made just to keep costs down, you also don’t want to drag the litigation out any further than is necessary. If you choose to fight over every little detail in your divorce, the fees can easily go through the roof. This can also create problems further down the line, since most parties to a divorce will need to make some necessary changes, such as supporting the children or finding a new residence.

Drag the Children into Disputes

While any children in the marriage are naturally involved in the divorce, there’s no need to bring them further into your dispute by arguing in front of them. While the parties to a divorce might not get along with each other, they can usually agree that the children are their top concern. The divorce process is just as stressful for children as it is for the parents, if not more so. There is no need to make it any more stressful for them if you can help it.  Keep in mind also that the court takes a negative view of parents who involve children in the divorce.

Call an Orlando Attorney

Divorces can be a complex and stressful event in a person’s life. It may be tempting to try to take matters into your own hands, but you can be guaranteed that the courts won’t look favorably on such actions. Even if there is no court sanction, getting even can affect your life after the case is settled. In order to avoid such events from happening, it is important to have a skilled attorney at your side. If you are considering getting divorced, or your spouse has filed for divorce, then call a dedicated, skilled attorney at The Law Office of Natalie D. Hall, PA, for a case evaluation.