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The Benefits of Using Mediation in Divorce disputes in Florida

Background Using Mediation in Divorce disputes in Florida is a welcomed alternative to litigation for many divorcing couples.  Florida has recently enacted the Collaborative Law Process Act which deals with Collaborative Divorces. This law gave legitimacy to settling divorce proceedings, including paternity, custody and other...

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Collaborative Divorce; Florida’s new law

Collaborative Divorce has been popular in Florida for at least a decade, and it is only getting more popular as economic realities have made divorcing couples far more open to working together for cost effective solutions. In a positive development, the...

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New Developments: Understanding Same-Sex Marriage in Florida

Ever since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 2013, states have begun lifting their respective bans on same-sex marriages. Earlier this month, Florida joined 35 other states in the U.S. when its ban on...

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