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Things to Avoid in a Divorce

Parties to a divorce often experience a wide range of emotions. Whether it is anger, sadness, confusion, or even satisfaction, divorces have many effects on people. While the court will allow people to obtain what is lawfully theirs, some take matters...

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Back to the Basics: Florida Family Law – Modifying Alimony

Going through a divorce is generally a stressful process even if both parties agree to a mutual end of the marriage. The legal considerations of a divorce do not end as soon as the court makes a final judgment.  Awards...

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New Developments: Understanding Same-Sex Marriage in Florida

Ever since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 2013, states have begun lifting their respective bans on same-sex marriages. Earlier this month, Florida joined 35 other states in the U.S. when its ban on...

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