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The Benefits of Using Mediation in Divorce disputes in Florida

Background Using Mediation in Divorce disputes in Florida is a welcomed alternative to litigation for many divorcing couples.  Florida has recently enacted the Collaborative Law Process Act which deals with Collaborative Divorces. This law gave legitimacy to settling divorce proceedings, including paternity, custody and other...

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Social Media Accounts; Property in a divorce

Florida Courts may treat Social Media Accounts as Property in a Divorce subject to being divided like any other property. Many people may have accounts with social media services, such as Facebook or Twitter, neglecting to account for social media...

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Things to Avoid in a Divorce

Parties to a divorce often experience a wide range of emotions. Whether it is anger, sadness, confusion, or even satisfaction, divorces have many effects on people. While the court will allow people to obtain what is lawfully theirs, some take matters...

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