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Permanent Residence /Green Card

There are several approaches to becoming a US Lawful Permanent Resident (commonly known as a green card holder)...

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Non immigrant visas are issued to individuals who desire to visit, study, or work temporarily in the U.S. Attorney Natalie D. Hall is qualified to assist you with numerous nonimmigrant visas...

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If you are found inadmissible to the United States you may be eligible for a waiver...

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There are many ways to obtain citizenship in the United States. Avoid being placed in removal proceedings or having a delay or rejection of your application...

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Immigrants with Criminal Convictions

Your immigration status may be at risk if you have entered a plea to a criminal charge, or if you have been convicted by a judge or jury for such a charge. Many individuals believe that only illegal immigrants can be placed in removal proceedings (be found deportable from the country or inadmissible to the country). This is simply not true.

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